Saturday, 6 February 2010

From Cheese to the Real Deal


We are in Koh Phi Phi...feels a bit like taking a big exhale after a 2 hour yoga class. Pure relaxation. It looks exactly like the post card... warm azure waters and white sand beaches. We are staying at the Viking Nature Resort which looks like a cross between Bungalows and tree houses set in a forest with an Andaman sea view. I almost feel like I'm at Shoal Lake when navigating the path and stepping over roots and rocks to get to our place. It's also run on a generator so lights go off at 11PM and our flash lights (torches) have come in handy.

We are staying just off the main port of Koh Phi Phi (short boat trip away) and some of the trees are quite mature. I'm not sure if we are on part of the island that wasn't in line of the tsunami, but that is my guess. If not, these trees must have some seriously strong roots. The place we are staying is really laid back and as I'm sitting here typing, there are boats going by in the bay and Mark is sipping a Singha beer in his swim suit. There are quite a few European families here on holiday and one little thai boy that lives here seems to be quite a hit among the kids. He must be about 4 and his shorts are always yanked way up above his navel. He seems to run the place and all the little kids follow him around and imitate him. He's right at home and is always sitting with various families and chowing on ice cream. I think it's amazing how kids don't need language to play and have a great time.

The people on Phi Phi seemed to be more relaxed than Phuket and Bangkok. The hotel has some English staff as well as a mixture of thais. For some reason, many of the thai staff here at the hotel seem to be of undefinable gender. Mark has invented a new pronown for addressing them : "hisher" Kinda flows and definitely works. One of them in particular has quite manly features yet has the most feminine walk (move over Giselle Bundchen), full (and prominent!) breasts and long hair. They look nothing like some of the people we saw in Bangkok and Phuket who were also along the blurred gender lines. The ones we saw in the city were for the most part gorgeous and so feminine. I had to stop and stare because they made beautiful women.

Time to sign out. We're going on a snorkeling trip tomorrow. I will try and post pictures before we head off to Koh Lanta or Krabi on Monday.


Carolina said...

Sounds amazing! Can't wait to see pics of your beach paradise

senan_griffin said...

HA! Hilarious picture of mark in that tiny vehicle. The ups and downs of life for tall guys.

missdent said...

Oh Hi Sara and Mark!
Love, love, love the stories! So glad you are getting it all down so we can experience with you:) Have so much fun, can't wait to read more.

Simon said...

Hi Hen and Sara,
Thanks for sharing your travels. Sounds terrific!! Have a blast and look forward to hearing more and seeing all the great photos. Have fun and safe travels. All the best. Sime
P.S. I believe Hen created a similar "hisher" term well before the trip. LOL ;)

Lindsay Ellen said...

Love reading your blog! Keep them coming! Eat some pad thai for me! I had some on Wednesday night with Lisa Bean and thought of you both with every bite! No Joke!! Love you!! xoxo

Jordan Rae said...

Oh i am so jealous! Koh phi phi was my favorite spot!! I hope you two are enjoying your time there. Go snorkeling at long beach of you have a chance, we saw some really neat stuff there. Love you, have a singha for me!!
xoxo Jordy