Monday, 1 February 2010

The Arrival- Bangkok- 1-4 Feb

We've arrived - and in what style!
After 7 hours being jostled by a guy with sharper elbows than Lindsay Rowe in a tight corner of a hockey rink, we arrived in Dubai. Sadly, we only had 2.5 hours in Dubai. This was enough time to take in some botanical gardens, waterfalls (yes, in a desert airport) and every American fast food chain you could think of. We could easily have been in Florida with the Burger Kings, Dunkin Donuts and all the other familiar names- if it weren't for the Arabic writing beside the familiar logos. However, the tides did change when we checked in for our second leg of the journey. The lovely red lipped ladies from Emirates upgraded our seats to Business class and we were like two kids in a candy shop for the next 6 hours. Bubbly, a la carte menus and beds that fold out. Mark kept trying out all the gadgets and peeking over so I could ooh and ahh...including the massage function in his chair and the ability to move up and down, up and down...did I mention we were kids?

We arrived in Bangkok and thanks to Uncle Dick and Auntie Elaine, we had brilliant directions on how to get to our hotel in Koh San.

Top Observations so far:
-Tukstuks are fun...for 10 minutes. NEVER get in a traffic jam for 1.25 hours in a Tuktuk behind a belching bus.
-Thais are the most friendly people. Everyone carries around a pen and gives directions, and marks up your map for you. They will also flag down cabs or tuktuks for you. Funny how we always seem to get a good fare and then end up in a tailor shop, travel agent...etc. We haven't quite figured this out yet, but we're enjoying the chats and circuitous city tours.
- My favourite bar name in the Night market? Thigh bar. Doesn't it just make you want to take a nibble? We definitely saw a few western men partaking...
-Pad thai from street vendors for a dollar. We think we are in heaven.
-Thais like candid shots of their royalty. Posing doesn't seem to be the way to go. They seem to prefer their king gazing into the distance or caught mid-sentence. It's kind of refreshing yet humorous when blown up to massive proportions and posted in the middle of a boulevard.
-People in the night market really like the game of Ping Pong (think dirty on this one, moms, we'll explain later)
-Who is this Budha guy? He features well in all parts of the city, looks really good at a 45 foot height and he has a nice tummy.

Today, we plan to walk down one of the many canals and hopefully rent a river boat so we can get a better view of how people live on the canals. We also want to see the Royal palace and get our first massage - of many.

Hope everyone is well and we hope to post pictures soon. Send us an email!

Over & Out,
Sara & Mark

p.s. I woke up to Mark doing a TRX workout in the room today in his undies and runners. He is a GRINDER!


Jane said...

Mark you are funny. I have a feeling by the end of the trip the TRX will be put away. It all sounds so fun so far. I love the idea of opening a Thigh Bar in Hamilton. Pad Thai for a $1?! Yum!

Annie & Paul said...

Sounds amazing! How did you get so lucky to get upgraded?

Sarah said...

Sounds like such a great start to the adventure! Keep the updates coming! xoxo